invest in reliance power stock


Is it worth to invest in reliance power stock

Yes it worth to invest in reliance power stock. As this company was Incorporated in 1995 but listed in 2008.
Timing of ipo was incorrect this led to its downfall and many investor at that time take a hit on their investment.
Company's share was in downtrend since last 12 years, due to financial crisis and loss in balance sheet, but the game has now changed enough one can invest in this stock for next 10 year it will proved to be multibagger counter ,company is focusing on its growth and also seems to be very eager to control it's debt burden.
In my opinion one should at least buy 100 shares and forget for next 10 years you would observe what you loose a decade before you are earning 1000% in next coming decade.
So invest in it without any hesitation.
Company is getting stronger day by day they are selling their unwanted and sick unit to accumulate capital which ultimately make company debt free.


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