Yes bank

 Yes bank should you buy it?

Answer is off course you should buy yes bank from the steep fall that every one witness it,you have notice that steep fall discounted all negative news,and now this stock is in its consolidation phase since one year,you may check that all its stakeholders have changed and lots of Diis and Fiis have accumulated this stock in their portfolios, 
      From my experience of trading I can say that worst is over for this stock and again this stock will move up my answers to all retailers is to keep buying this stock as you buy a mutual fund sips you will notice that after two more years you would have earned a decent amount from your investments.
 Remember in stock market buy that things which are ignored, in future that stock will give you return but investment should be as such in a sensible manner not pour all your money in lumsum but keep accumulating as an sips.
 I have seen many website filled pages with yes bank but no one think what happened to investors  who buys yes bank at higher levels, so for that investors I would suggest buy that stock thrice you would be at profit in sometime future.


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