What is the strategy to earn 5 percent monthly from stock market?

Strategy to earn money in stock market.

1. If you are coming to stock market to earn money, vision should be very clear.

2. you should trade with tight stop losses, without this you may loose money.

3. Always learn hedging. its great tools which many institutional investor and big trader uses.

4. Try to trade in options but always alert and be ready to face volatility.

5. purchasing stock and selling its in money call could be the  best strategy.

6. always choose liquid counters where you find regular buyer and sellers.

7. always be motivated stick on your goals, leave the greed.

8. introduce that fund in trading which you don't require.

9. never run behind momentum stick on the margin (profit) you want.

10. believe in yourself.

11. leave your ego aside and never trade with frustrated mind.


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