An Indian person invest Japanese share market

 An Indian person invest Japanese share market

Investment can be done in any country. Big institutional funds,hedge funds and many mutual fund industry also invest in foreign markets to diversify their risk and to hedge their portfolios.

As a indian retailer point of view one can also purchase share in japanese market but for that better knowledge and skills are required to invest in particular markets. If someone is wishing to invest in Japanese market or some other markets there are many etfs in stock market you can invest in them as these etfs are made to invest in particular market and trading them is also very easy without spending extra time in selection of stocks. Many companies and AMC like Nippon, kotak etc have their etfs listed in stock exchange one can pic any quantity and can directly invest in other markets without hesitation as these etfs are very liquid there are always sufficient buyers and sellers so getting in and out is very convenient.


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