How to become rich in India

Ways how to become rich in India 


My description  is in two parts for those 
1.   who have something
2.  for those who have nothing-

 who have something:

For those who  have something means those who have capital  to invest are in this category of haves.
Every person  on this earth  wants to become rich few persons  can be exceptional who are not running  behind money. Specially  in country like India  we live in such a society ,where we have to earn for status symbol,to maintain  the status  symbol  one has to do hard work but to maintain  such unwanted  show off we makes our life less peaceful.what we will do of that money or status which doesn't provide  peace. But I will tell you  easiest ways by which one can become  rich but also can live peaceful  life.

Rental income

Today this income source is best if your are living  in a big house convert that house in apartments and give it on rent you will generate decent income and you will not be bothered about earning problems.
Same you can do if you have commercial property you may give it to banks or other financial institutions  office space  for rent you will generate decent or say big income.How to become rich in India these side income generated by this rental income fetch to your targets.
You can give your property on rent for showrooms  or go downs this will also generate  good income.

Agriculture income

If you have a a land you can give your land for cultivation  on rent from there you can earn regular  income and this adds to your extra income. Or if have experience and knowledge  of cultivation  you can start cultivation of products  suited as per weather  by your own work forces.
and agriculture  income  is free from taxes this benefits increase your wealth and that's how to become rich in India, agriculture  income are such that big celebrities,actors or other big families  do this income to save their taxes,How to become rich in India best suited for such people

Open hotel,resorts or spa

If you have capital then you can open lodge,guest house,hotel follow this ideas if you are in big cities, spiritual  cities or cities have a tourist place where hotel and guest house  business  can be a good deal, you can open spa center  lots of people  have started this business  and are earning  regularly today every one wants to live healthy life aroma and various  Ayurveda  spas provide benefits  to body so number of clients  will increase  in this sort of business these methods are important ways how to become rich in India


Gym opening  can also be a good source to generate good income both men and women  even teenagers  prefer to be in shape for this openings of gym in your area can be a good bet to invest in this business by this how to become rich in India  what our topic suggests  can be achieved,many individuals have opened gyms  by self or with partnership as business grows you can increase no. of branches of gyms in your city it is the pioneer ways how to become rich.

Open food court or restaurant

Opening of food court  and restaurants can be profitable  business  to earn money  now these days it becomes  a tendency  that families  go out together  for dinner  or lunch in Saturdays  or Sundays mostly. The only thing  is you have maintain  the quality and variety ,you may be masters  in Chinese,French,south Indian dishes or mughalai but try to specialize  in one thing which you believe you could do.

Play school or educational institutions 

How to become rich in  India this phrase can be against  in terms of school and educational institutions  knowledge  cannot be measure in term of money those who do are selfish people.schools provide knowledge  to society  and makes our children  literate but in order to improve  social or cultural   values  school or educational institutions can be opened to  improve  our society and provide  employment  to teachers  which will raise their living  standards,something should  be done for sake society betterment. 

Bakery business

This very business is my favorite as we knew that every person celebrates different occasion like birthday parties, marriage anniversary,engagement ceremony etc, cake cutting become a trend, open the shop in the center of city and maintain good quality stuff, when your product become successful you will gain goodwill in you area and thus it helps you to increase your business,try to make different type of biscuits,cakes etc experimenting will provide you buyers specially try to attract kids and children to boost you sales.the simple process makes your dream comes true thus how to become rich in India suits this business also.


·         If one has to become  really  rich in India he has to maintain  budget of expenditure. You have to cut unnecessary  expenses for at least five years  like :

·         Party at club or hosting get together  parties.

·         Avoid unnecessary  buying  of extra vehicles.

·         Use solar panels to save electrical bills.

·         Try to save fuel.

·         Stop unnecessary  trips and travelling.

·         Hire the staff  which you need most,don't  increase  no. of employees like this.

·         Don't  keep driver learn to drive by yourself.

·         Don't  invest too much in commodity markets or share markets.

·         Don't  invest too much on physical  gold like jewelry  and other precious  stones.

·         When you put your expenditure under control you will observe lots of savings and extra bugs will be generated 

·         Invest those savings in bonds and mutual  funds.

·         You can start sip scheme in mutual funds

·         If you are very keen of investing  in gold then invest in gold bonds and gold etfs this will also help to save making charges.

·         Invest some amount  in bank  fixed deposits 

·         You can also buy various  debt funds in which your capital will be safe and grow in relevant manner

·         Try to motivate each family member  about self savings


For those have nothing then means no capital  at all to become rich one has to have capital to invest but all have no such background and backing  of family  money  or business so.

For those who have nothing its human dream for every one whether  rich or poor how to become rich there will be two categories  literate and illiterate 

For literate

Find a Job - 

Those who have nothing  and are not born with silver spoon but have studied and gained  knowledge first find a good job according  to your studies after gaining  some money from job you can start your side business  like departmental stores,medical shops,hosiery shop,artificial  jewelry shops,grocery  shop etc for doing a business  one has to have good capital so by job start earning  and safe for your future business 

Teaching  and coaching  center 

If you are literate then you can become  a good teacher  in reputed institutions or if your not getting  good teacher job you can teach  as a private tutor after words when you gain something  than you can start your journey  of coaching  center

Technical knowledge 

If you have technical  knowledge  or you 
ave some sorts of diploma in mechanical  field  you can start ,mobile repairing shop,
or you can start some services  center  of electric equipment or automobiles service center according  to your own expertise.
But you have to start of your own this type of business  needs capital but if you can manage borrow capital from  your friends or relatives  and jump into it. Your hard work will guarantee your success for how to become rich in India.

If you are illiterate  then doors of you success  are not closed

For illiterate:

Start juice shop

Tea shop

Cold beverages shop

Fresh fruit shop

Fast food shop

Sweet shop


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