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How to become rich in India

Ways how to become rich in India    My description  is in two parts for those  1.   who have something 2.  for those who have nothing-  who have something: For those who  have something means those who have capital  to invest are in this category of haves. Every person  on this earth   wants to become rich few persons  can be exceptional who are not running  behind money. Specially  in country like India  we live in such a society ,where we have to earn for status symbol,to maintain  the status  symbol  one has to do hard work but to maintain  such unwanted  show off we makes our life less peaceful.what we will do of that money or status which doesn't provide  peace. But I will tell you  easiest ways by which one can become  rich but also can live peaceful  life. Rental income Today this income source is best if your are living  in a big house convert that house in apartments and give it on rent you will generate decent income and you will not be bothered about earning problems.