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Yes bank will touch 100?

we all knew Rana kappor was the C.E.O and founder of yes bank and found culprit of money laundering but what happen with investor whose wealth deteriorated.

Again this share are in news after the F.P.O hype, people are eager for news  L.I.C  buying stake

People are willing to buy its share because they have seen its previous  high. In stock market investing cannot be done like this, a promoter who malfunctions the company, why people are willing to put their wealth in it .its a pure gambling there are other quality stocks which can look after people are seeing buying opportunity as L.I.C purchase stake in it, L.I.C also purchase i.d.b.i bank at somewhat 60 rs but it is trading around 40rs  to 45rs range

Don’t compare this stock (yes bank)with Alok  industry or Ruchi soya their share holding was restructured totally .

Retail investor are only at loss that time new promoter enjoy benefits as share holdings restructured completely.

These companies are like traps for innocent retail investor,though its share holding is not restructured 

but many small investor are getting attracted toward it, and try to find value in it because of it low price 

Why don’t people  learn if a company is asking for you money how can he give you money (f.p.o)

story will be different if yes bank merged with some other banks, but asking additional  capital of 15000 c.r through  F.P.O  and L.I.C buying stake doesn't proves that every thing is alright. these are additional support given to bank to save it. but finding value in it doesn't seems up to mark.

Updates as on 24/8/2020

Yes bank analysis 

News are always  coming  day by day and investors  or traders are very concerned about  future  of yes bank.This stock has become  an eye catcher 
Now a news coming that yes bank may sell stake in subsidiaries to Gpl finance  and investment limited 
Now let's find what stock chart suggest 

Looking  at stock  we can hope that stock will stable at these prices of 14.9 since lower circuits  are note made its hope that share will recover from lows and move ahead.but if it breaks 14.10 level than it can plunge to 13.25 level. So for investors  hold the stocks 
For traders,use wait and watch  strategy. 

Updates on 18/8/20

If one is looking for  swing trading  one can buy yes bank as the price is 14.25 buy it here with a stop loss of 13.25 rupees. With a target of 18 rs

Updates as on 7 /8/20

yes bank nse: current price is rs 14.25

After many  question I make a analysis if you are eager to buy yes bank.

If it sustains above Rs 14.75 than next it can reach 20 Rs

After words rs 25 will be next target.

But in my opinion stock like this spend 1 to 2 years like this in trading zone means it not shoot to 100 it will hovers  rs  25 to  rs 28  for months if it sustain above rs  20.


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