why gold prices are increasing will it explode?

why gold price is increasing?

As a normal human being  when we  listen from  every person's  mouth  the same thing  we attracted towards it,now days every person is talking about why gold price is increasing, as a individual when i visit to market,i see many jewelers  are sitting idle some of them are my friends when i ask them why are gold price increasing they say that they have no customers at this price,and they don't knew about the fact,some of them have also stop the manufacturing of their production, many of them reduces their staffs so,as to reduce expenditure, so whats the real logic of this gold movement why it is increasing so much.

Indian middle class family who love to invest in gold are in feeling that they have missed the opportunity
when whole county was in lock-down no markets where open no demand was there but why gold price is increasing.

is this a bubble going to burst soon or is this and opportunity which is leaving from our hands.
the ultimate reason for this price rice defiantly not increase in demand .👉 it main reason is small production or less production of gold due to covid 19 .Production of gold hampers due to lock-down all over the world specially its producing countries.
gold price around rs 54900 per 10 gms and $65.5 per 10 gms

gold prices also increased by many factors like Indo china tension ,usa china conflicts  and many more which we don't knew 
we have to be optimistic nothing remain permanent don't run after hype that it will touch 100000 or so
be patience when covid will starts disappear  ,gold price soons starts cumming down,as its production will increase,every thing in this world runs on demand without demand no price of things remains stable and gold price can come to consolidate levels of 45000 nearby MCX players are doing bets in it 
what we have to do shift our money investment from gold to any other sector like debt funds or bonds.
which is more trust worthy this time.


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