Stock at glance for investments #1


for investment purpose 


this stock is news now it has received new orders from the energy and resource institute. Bhel has won the bid among lot of competition. now we analyse the impact of it on share price 

stock analysis bhel:

looking at the graph we can say that the capital goods which is under performing has received some momentum. for past 5 years investors has been deteriorated. Lets now study what its chart suggest for investing.last price when it close was rs 40.65 

the share can show momentum when it stars moving above rs 41.95 contentiously. traders have to wait for now its last close price was rs 40.65 .lets consolidate this share, if this share breaks rs 38.50 it can come to rs 36. for safe bet buy above rs 41.95. if this share trade above rs 44 continuously then it can go up to rs 53 in coming future.


this is one of the good stock which every investors should hold this bank provides good rate of interest  to its account holders,  with market cap of 17527 cr. 

stock analysis idfc first bank:

lets discuss its prospects since June it has consolidated well in a rage of rs 26 to rs 28. now share is about rs 30.9 some what close to march level. if this stock maintain the level of say rs 32 for at least two or three trading session it will reach the target of rs 34.45 quickly  after that rs 38 is on cards so as to hold this stock is good for traders and as well as for investors


what a come back of this counter it now heading towards its  January high. From year 2017 the stock is not performing and price deteriorated from rs 146 to rs 77  almost half the investor capital investor generally prefer these stock in their portfolio but due government interruption and management or policies these stock does not grow much and make wealth for investor,noting that they are having rich fundamentals. now spike are seen in this counter it moves from level of  rs 90 to rs 105 in four trading session 

stock analysis ntpc:

from trading point of view this share will now consolidate to levels of 101 rs to 107 rs if one has to buy this counter buy it around rs 103 to level of  rs 106 respectively after consolidation when it breaches  rs 109 it will reach rs 119 share has potential to reach it 2017 high that is rs 145.


Tata power is very good reputed company but not performed since many years stock price is in range of  rs 30 to rs 95 for five years which usually not created wealth for verdict will be one can keep trading in stock and make money as it has rich fundamentals if you stuck higher prices buy more on lower prices you will make money like this in these type of counters

stock analysis tata power:

stock closes on high of rs 61.95 which is closer to January high now its a very crucial level one who is trader should avoid it for now.from chart it is showing that it will consolidate here enter the price of rs 54 ,55 and 57 for trading.when this stock starts continue trade above  rs 64 than it will reach rs 72  with spike.but for now wait for levels which i suggested to buy.

trade wisely & safely


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