Silk the king of yarns


As a business man  tell u what is silk and I will also tell how people are fooling innocent people in name of silk

silk is the king of yarn.

First understand what's silk is. silk is yarn which is obtain from silk worm it’s a natural thread produced from glands of silk worm.


silk worm

without silk worm we cannot obtain natural yarn. silk is the only natural fiber obtain by silk worm.
silk worm cocoons are decomposed so that it can be used as bio fertilizer.  

In factories they boil cocoons in warm water and when thread comes from mouth of silk worm

that tread continue fill up on a reel or cones, just like spider give web.

this cocoon is born on shahtoot leaves its mainly found in south India, west Bengal

silk yarn is called as resham in hindi,

name of silk fabrics:

from silk yarn various fabrics and sarees are made 

  • chinya
  • chiffon
  • dupion
  • crape
  • katan
  • organza
  • mungha
  • tussar

  1. people use to sell silk fabrics by various names
  2. china is the biggest producer of silk yarn so as Vietnam

many tourist in India buy fabric and some people misguide them and give art silk in place of pure silk


procedure to check purity

1.       Silk is natural thread so it will have light weight.

2.       Feel of cloth silk cloth does not slip like art silk after wearing silk cloth you will not feel warm.

3.       If you want to check purity cut small very small piece of cloth from corner and burn it if turn into ashes than its pure. if otherwise a small lump present than it’s a fake silk or art silk.

4.       Pure silk cloth come under 75 gms means 30gm to 75gms.

5.       If it’s a saree than 300 gms to 750 gms.

6.       From where you purchase take bill and see seller maintain there pure silk or not.

7.       5007 is gstin code o
f silk.

8.       Any other code means its not silk.

1.       Price of silk is not between than 500per mt to 800 per mt not above that

2.       Silk sarees if pure starts from 2500 to 100000


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