How to make money on stock market?

 How to make money on stock market for everyone?

Stock market are full of uncertainties lot of people always want to taste the success but fails achieve success. People invest in market on recommendation it may be by friends or relatives. As a result of which when a person earn then its OK all is good but if any loss occur then people blame each other and as result of which relations ship hampers. I will tell some ways how to make money on stock market.


  • Focus on sector
  • Judgement of stock
  • Analysis of stock
  • Patience in loss or profit
  • Stop loss
  • Happiness in profit
  • Stress of trading
  • Discipline
  • Profit investments



Focus on sector- the most important thing when you are going to buy the stock focus the sector which is in trending or the sector or which is helping the markets to go up, keep your eyes like eagle you have to hunt for the sector specific which yield you more profit, consistent tracking the sector specific keep you update and also helps you to select perfect stock. This helps us to fulfill our goals how to make money on stock market.


Judgement of stock- after selecting the sector now our focus should be to select the right stock in the particular sector which we have selected. Check all the stocks in same sector and buy at least three stock from a particular sector and divide your investment in three parts, never put all money in a particular share. Try to diversify it but here we diversified it in three stocks of same sector. This is how to make money on stock market. If one puts all the amount in one stock then you may have loss in long term

Analysis of stock- analysis of stock denotes when you buy the stock detail analysis should be done watch the stock movements for at least one month you will be friendly with its movement read it full five year data from different websites. Never believe on news which is running on social media or news. It’s your money you have to handle it. This is how to make money on stock market. Sometime time stock analyst suggest wrong stocks, it’s your decision whom to follow.


Patience in loss or profit- here by if you are a long term trader then you should give sometime to stock never expect that after your buying shares start moving up. Every good things takes time and patience is key to success. Give at least three month to stocks, but if are long term trader or investor one should give two years to stocks to rise. Follow these simple ways how to make money on stock market.


Stop loss- if you are a short term trader your main aim should be to follow the stop loss. If you are buying a stock for short term maintain a stop loss, according to your position the amount of loss which you can bear to safeguards your capital. Capital prevention should be the main aim when you are playing g for short term trade. Stop loss can be of 2%, 3%, 4% but should not increase much beyond 5%.This is how to make money on stock market.


Happiness in profit- when you earn profits in market don’t be happy, I am saying this because in case of loss all happiness moves away. So try to neutralize no happiness no sorrow should be there be natural and neutral. It will increase your trading ability and improves decision making I have seen many person after earning profits in trade due to excitement and happiness they indulge money in wrong trade. Always focus on goals and focus must be to increase your capital. This is how to make money on stock market.


Stress of trading when you indulge yourself in trading first rule is to keep stress aside.Never put stress on your mind if you cannot pic the stock or choose the stock don’t take stress never trade with burden. This could also affect your main business. See trading of stock should be side business and when you take stress it hampers your personal life as well as your main line business. If you cannot make profit let’s tell your mind I will try another day. This is how one can trade better and can money in stock market. Stress free mind improves your decision making abilities.


Discipline trading should be done in discipline, capital to indulge for trading or investing should be done in such a way that it does not affect you financially if uncertain loss occur in market. Never indulge all your income in stock market so as to dream to makes more profit. Invest that amount which you don’t require, never borrow money from others like friends or relatives to trade in stock market, if loss occur how would you be able to return the amount to them, secondly never took a loan from bank to trade in stock, generally banks don’t give loan for trading in stock market but many people take loan for other things and they invest the same in stock market, and suppose when market falls these people are not even in condition to repay back  to bank, and their goodwill of business hampers and bank cibil also decreases. These simple steps helps you how to make money in stock market

Profit investments  one should keep taking profit out of the market this the golden rule one should follow. Don’t increased your capital exposer to market  keep investing your profit in any way you like it may be bonds, etfs , mutual funds lets your profit grow out of the market this strategy will increase your wealth with  safety so above mention ways are effective in making money on stock markets. 






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