Bankrupted my holdings



In the stock market we invest  our hard earn money in order to

 obtain gain from shares either in form of companies divided 

or from expected future price rise of share,but some companies declare themselves bankrupted and our wealth gets deteriorated

It is believed that the companies who gives us dividend on face

 value are considered good  which is not  very true very true but 

read my full article.

Now I am sharing you my experience what I have done I 

bought 8000 share of Gujarat nre coke ltd. in 2008  as I was new to market I didn’t know how to invest I used to do day trading  and profit 

what I earn use to invest for further trading means I am increasing capital exposer in market .

I traded a lot of scrip like rnrl,ptc,powergrid,Infosys, jp associate,suzlon,jp hydro,sesa goa(Vedanta),adlabs,reliance energy,many more I think no. of stock listed in sensex  i traded

As investor all  knew that stock market crash on 2008 due to Lehman bros.(big institution of America) I was not in very much loss because I have earned money from previous three years what we call bull market a real bull market when every share shoot like miracle.bankruptcy

Now when stocks started falling,I started selling my holding, after seeing lows and big sell off I think to secure my money  so as to protect my capital.

I started trading again, my profit at that time vanishes I have left with my capital which I inserted in market. all my three year profit vanish

In order to obtain profit I traded  market again in order  to do i started bottom fishing  since I haven’t experience such thing I want to make some profit again but again a big sell off in 2009 effected my capital

I take all my money from all scripts  and put in Gujarat nre coke and left the market I even don’t look market for three years since I was in family business I diverted my mind but I use to see Gujarat nre coke daily  so that I would be in profit again and start trading,  this company has given me dividend of 45000 and bonus share also.I sleep in peace of mind that one day I will be in profit  and again I will start trading.

But for three years means 2009-2012 share not rise up and also stop giving dividends I left seeing this stock and think one day it will rise. This share was close to me

I started trading with new capital in 2014 but aim was different and I have learned from my all previous mistakes .

I invest my trading profit in mutual funds and etfs, not in shares  that’s I have learned not to increase your capital exposer, what you earn  in market take out and invest in other thing.

Current scenario is Gujarat nre coke is delisted  & bankrupted

I can claim only face value that 10 rs a  share


       fact one should keep in minds while trading/investing

  •  never put all your money in one stock or sector
  • don’t be soft hearten towards a stock favoritism
  • take out your profit and invest some other place(bonds, mutual funds  Etfs)
  • never do bottom fishing
  • every dividend giving company is a good co. but not all.
  • Sell your shares soon at whatever price when you learn promoter is going to pledge shares.
  • Don’t run after hype.





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