aggression & regression in business


Aggression & Regression in business

Aggression for business

When i join the business i was full of motivation. Just as i have started my new beginning, i was full of passion,my business is related to textiles and fabrics when i started i was very aggressive, i use to take tough decisions regarding payment terms from client or changing new designs of product. Business was also running in full on mode i think no one can beat me,but this was a beginning my aggression continues like this my nature was becoming day by day harsh with employees and workers because, i want output and accuracy in my work. I have created monopoly of certain products which are in demand so,i use to talk with my client in very moody behavior and shows them that as if i am not fond of them or interested selling product to them, but product demand was high client also praises me so, this was aggression when your all things run smoothly aggression automatically enters your personality.

It,continues for four to five years but when demand of product starts to decline.Which i haven't seen before i think that it may be common thing one day demand will increase and i will be in same back performance,but it does not happen i have made more stocks but demand was not rising and demonetization of currency hamper the market situation worse, client delayed the payment and demand of product with was already less vanishes.

Regression for business

Now, a feeling of regression enter the mind that why i have made so much stock,when it will be cleared so that i can get my working capital,waited for six month so as to see turmoil but situation remain the same. I have shut down my production line and sit quietly, patience was the last alternative.

Demand some what started,i continue started selling product but now at client terms see how time changes after one year goods service tax imposed on our industry this break the backbone of our textile industry no client wanted goods because by tax clothing rates become high and paperwork formalities also increases for two continues like an ant crawling mind was full of regression,weather change or go for new business, but 10 years i have given already to this business so no point of changing it.

Leads towards progression

I started myself becoming more progressive , i feel that whatever is the time you should handle, it if demand come i will sell and when not sit with patience.

Both aggression and regression is not good for business, it effect your decision taking ability that is what i have learn in my 10 years experience.

Now, when i am writing this article i have sell no goods, since 5 months due corona virus hamper the situation of textile industry very much.

My words we would be be optimistic and progressive rather than aggressive and regressive we should mold ourselves as per situation.


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