zydus wellness or cadila health

zydus wellness or cadila health

zydus cadila are are two different companies of same group but we are hearing now days corona virus vaccine are in first phase of human trial whose vaccine is produced by this group only.now question arise if this vaccine is successful what will happen to its share price ,its obvious it will increase but both companies are listed in stock exchange as zydus wellness & cadila healthcare question arises which scrip to buy but before buying look as some analysis-

zydus wellness or cadila health

cadila health - market cap about 38500 cr. promoter holding 74.88%, FII 4.56%, DII 14.81%

zydus wellness-market cap 8261 cr ,promoter holding 67.85% FII 2.01%, DII 25.11%

  question arises which one to buy answer is simple both share price will increase but which one to buy if any unforeseen case (trials ad all) best pic will be zydus wellness as this company manufacture skin care products and their demand is for forever  and its a safe bet rather its share price is about rs 1400  but it has potential to touch 1870 its  5 year high  and if vaccine is a success then add 500 bugs extra as bonus on this stock.


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