who is a successful more a trader or investor?

who is a successful  more a trader or  investor?

Though it is difficult to tell but at last in my opinion both are sailing at same boat.

TRADER- He is the person who trades daily in equity market.trader become addict because he has to trade daily,he can't sit quietly he has to do something in market i have also seen many retired government officer in stock trading room i think they do trading for spending extra time they have, lack technical skill and knowledge many trader looses money and not at last they turn investor because they don't wan't to give loss or book loss they keep share with them and at that time small loss become wealth destructor.

Investor- they are the people who do not trade but they buy stock either others help(friends,relative)or hearing some news they invest like this.but their investment fails as stock turn down like a fallen knife.

they predict their own assumptions (itna jayega) but truth is like a star  far far away.

who is a successful  more a trader or  investor?

                                    How To trade in stock market :

real trader should follow golden rule-
1.strict stop loss
2.try to learn to book loss with brave heart
3.learn from mistakes
4.follow technical which u can learn(charting)
5.never hear other hear what your mind says.

real investor should follow-
1.track stock for atleast 3 months
2.keep your eye like eagle to identify value.
3.overall,study study what you are going to purchase

verdict a trader or investor both can be successful if they follow discipline  


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