Every knows what tesla is manufacturing what its market cap sales turnover  i am not getting into all the stuff in post i am coming to my point .

as an investor what one has to do because this stock rally unexpectedly THREE month before this stock was around 365 USD  and touches new high  1700 USD approx.

now i knew this stock will not be available with many investor because as price rise rapidly investor give up and sell its share when doubles let say 700 USD one has sell its share,now stock again move to 1000USD and finaly 1700USD or beyond somewhat 34USD more

now here every one is looking at this company only.

please investors there are many other companies invest in them. every stock has his day don't run after sentiment,  oh 1700 usd was its high when it comes 1300usd or 1400usd i will buy again please don't do such mistakes stocks goes with hype and comes down with hype.so  as my opinion don't hunt like that
if you realy want to play it play safe see first of all it is in consolidation mode which can run two to three month.now here turn like trader grab it around 1475usd or 1450usd keep a tight stop loss of 1425usd and play it but if it breaks 1425 level it become more week say 1350usd to 1300usd or so.

dear people its all my personal opinion.


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