portfolio management

what is portfolio management

portfolio management  is an art of investing policy  without  minimum risk and maximum gains,at a right place

it include bonds,mutual funds,shares & cash
portfolio management  minimize risk of investing and increase scope of profit.

the person who handle all this is called as portfolio manager he work on investor behalf  or client 
portfolio manager present the best investment plan to clients according to their income,budget and age overall also how much he has ability to bear the risk 

the person who have no idea of money market can take help of  portfolio manager to help or guide him for their investment

portfolio management types:

portfolio management has four type:

active portfolio management:

 in this type of service portfolio manager are actively involved in buying and selling of securities to ensure maximum profit to client

passive portfolio management :

in this type portfolio manager deals with fixed portfolio design to match current situation

discretionary portfolio management:

in this type portfolio manger  takes care on his own the client give money to manager who take care of all his investment needs,paper work documentation etc in this type portfolio manager has right to take decision on client's behalf

non discretionary portfolio management: 

in this type portfolio manager advice's to client what is good but final decision are left with client ,he can revert portfolio manger decision.

so portfolio management is compulsory for all investor without it one occur huge loss in their portfolio(bonds,mutual funds,shares& cash)

person who have no knowledge of all these things must take help of portfolio manager to invest .

half knowledge is also dangerous so its better to take help of some body  called portfolio manager.


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