Is really trading in stock market is stressful. I am a business man i am going to share you my experience of trading in stock market. there are many people  who in their life time
 wishes  to earn money from stock market but most them fails.
They  stuck in any point of time & that's the main point when they stuck they feel frustrated
and the so called trader become investors,that's frustration indicates that trading in stocks is really stressful.

yes at some point of time when trading is fruit full  according to your way or when you gain in 
stock its make you happy and you are in  full of motivation but again when you stuck some day
it cause depression and stress.


this problem is now days with every one, its my 12 year experience i am sharing with you all
if you want to trade in stock market come with brave heart because here anything happen at anytime
(flood,disaster,earthquake,political uncertainty etc) can finish your money and hamper your portfolio.these uncertainties indicates that trading in stock market is stressful.

if any one who wants to trade in stock market they have learn how to live or deal with stress otherwise
it will also affect your personal relation with your family,in loss your mood swings and when this happen your body language also gets effected.

Things got worse when you put borrowed money in stock market whether you have taken funds from friend or relatives. when you put borrowed money in stock market suppose market fell and the lender from whom you borrowed fund urgently now what will you do? if you re in a profit then no worries you sell the share and return the money but when shares price are low and you are at loss things got worse 
you will not able to return the money you have  no other option  left you have to sell the shares at loss and you will also have to arrange the difference amount that you lost in market (which you have to give to whom you borrowed fund) these facts also disturb your mental peace and will effect your health. 

Facts that could  also lead to stock market  :

anxiety  syndrome.

Some people  who  trade daily. Develops a tendency of  anxiety syndrome i also many times notices from my personal  experience  that the day when I not traded or  i  cannot  identify  or choose  stock for  trading , i became very frustrated  and whole body and mind  fill with anxiety  that why i missed the opportunity, why i didn't  buy those share, why i didn't  sell at time. These are some families synonyms  that each one observed  when they trade full time.Market is for every one, one is winner and one is looser, someone is buying and someone  is selling,you can not be winner every time ,you cannot take all the profit to your home, from your selling point share can move more upside, never regret after selling  the shares, always stuck to your goals, trade with in your limit,maintain  a profit  margin ratio.
Control your emotions and anxiety otherwise  various  other type of mental illness will catch you.

i am not saying trading is bad but we should also know how it effect our mind, body &our surroundings
before start trading we should know how to deal it with stress and person who tackle become ultimate 
trader infact only 10% of people succeed in it.


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