best stock in pandemic

Best stock analysis in pandemic  

Many people are worrying about their investment made in stock market
Nifty have roses 3000 points from march low many investors have left the rally due to uncertainty of the situation watts going on
from the practical point of view rally in nifty
Are mostly due to reliance and some it stocks
Like infosys and wipro

Since their weight age are high in nifty it shoots up there are more undervalued sector which misses the rally. Typically market from this point can make a new high in October before american election i am experiencing it from many years when a global event is about to happen market shoots up like this 
Many individual feel left, about three month ago market fall like a knife but v shape recovery fill shine in market, but not on investor face leave aside reliance stake or share holders. 
Mutual funds are still at loss common individual investor through sip they are also suffering loss 
Dear friends if you want to make money,
Don't invest in stock now directly,
Buy nifty bees in your demat a/c and buy 
Only share of power supply and distribution
And fmcg ,gas distribution companies
Sector you should ignore for auto, finance 
and real estate.

Don't run on hype after american election 
Put your money fully in market because if american election are not in as favor market fill fall like cards
Till October purchase what u want to purchase my suggestion is    
  • Nifty bees
  • Power & distribution
  • Gas distribution
  • Fmcg


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