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best stock in pandemic

Best stock analysis in pandemic   Many people are worrying about their investment made in stock market Nifty have roses 3000 points from march low many investors have left the rally due to uncertainty of the situation watts going on from the practical point of view rally in nifty Are mostly due to reliance and some it stocks Like infosys and wipro Since their weight age are high in nifty it shoots up there are more undervalued sector which misses the rally. Typically market from this point can make a new high in October before american election i am experiencing it from many years when a global event is about to happen market shoots up like this  Many individual feel left, about three month ago market fall like a knife but v shape recovery fill shine in market, but not on investor face leave aside reliance stake or share holders.  Mutual funds are still at loss common individual investor through sip they are also suffering loss  Dear friends if you want to make money, Don't invest

portfolio management

what is portfolio management portfolio management   is an art of investing policy  without  minimum risk and maximum gains, at a right place it include bonds,mutual funds,shares & cash portfolio management  minimize risk of investing and increase scope of profit. the person who handle all this is called as portfolio manager he work on investor behalf  or client  portfolio manager present the best investment plan to clients according to  their income,budget and age overall also how much he has ability to bear the risk  the person who have no idea of money market can take help of  portfolio manager to help or guide him for their investment portfolio  management types: portfolio  management has four type: active portfolio management:  in this type of service portfolio manager are actively involved in buying and selling of securities to ensure maximum profit to client passive portfolio  management : in this type portfolio manager deals with fixed portfolio design to match current situ

top 10 stock for investors

top 10 stock for investors IN NIFTY- first  rule of investing in this market is never trust anyone also myself ,who is publishing top 10 stocks for investor , i will not make my blog of more words just to fill it .i come to point golden rule of  investing in market  from my experience- never trust any one do your own analysis never trust friend ,your stock broker you heard it right i said broker never go what news channels  are discussing never run for co. who give large amount of dividend every year don't be a part of donkey race chasing the share which are shooting up wealth creating stock does not make you rich in one day it takes time  don't see market every time remove market watch apps from mobile invest your 30% of savings LIST OF STOCKS TATA STEEL GRASIM GAIL ITC TATA MOTORS IOC SUN PHARMA AXIS BANK WIPRO UPL they also give dividend to you and please don't run after PSUs banks they are under much pressure  of n.p.a and bad loan & govt guidelines see example is t


MUTUAL FUNDS mutual funds denote (every single or interested person who have less knowledge of equity market or money market give his money to an institution(fund manager) to invest their money in equity  market on their behalf) the institution or fund houses collect money in their fund collectively from many people and buy company shares in their fund & they take the net asset value(n.a.v) of their fund and allot it to their investor in form of units in the ratio how much money they have  invested. in mutual fund the amount can be invested in lumpsum(whole amount  )or sip(systematic investment  plan) TYPES OF MUTUAL FUNDS money market funds fixed income or debt funds balanced fund gilt funds index funds diversified funds when a person purchased fund they have to give a some percent of entry load and when they exit they have to give exit load normally when you sell fund after a year exit load won't get charged . s ome funds are open ended and some are closed ended

ETFs what is this?

ETFs what is this? etf are exchange traded fund means fund which are listed in stock exchanges, in simple language a fund composed by a (big institution houses like banks or brokerage houses etc )they create  a fund which contains many companies equity shares which they want to keep together in one basket and make them list on exchanges . when this type of fund is listed ( etfs) it has certain n.a.v(net asset value) which a investor has to pay in order to purchase that fund, as we knew that it is listed then it means they can be traded like we trade in equity shares at opening of market n.av open and at closing time it close on certain value just like shares  etfs can be purchased and sold any time in market hours. etfs benefits-  time saving for investor  easy buying & selling less brokerage as compare to mutual funds no redemption procedure in it again time saving. it is beneficial to those investor who don't have time to look market and don't want to involve its complica

Image Every knows what tesla is manufacturing what its market cap sales turnover  i am not getting into all the stuff in post i am coming to my point . as an investor what one has to do because this stock rally unexpectedly THREE month before this stock was around 365 USD  and touches new high  1700 USD approx. now i knew this stock will not be available with many investor because as price rise rapidly investor give up and sell its share when doubles let say 700 USD one has sell its share,now stock again move to 1000USD and finaly 1700USD or beyond somewhat 34USD more now here every one is looking at this company only. please investors there are many other companies invest in them. every stock has his day don't run after sentiment,  oh 1700 usd was its high when it comes 1300usd or 1400usd i will buy again please don't do such mistakes stocks goes with hype and comes down with hype .so  as my opinion don't hunt like that if you realy want to play it pl

short selling shares means

what is short selling shares ? THE word itself suggest that something is short or the thing which you don't have from my past year experience i will tell actually what it is,the short selling of share means that you are selling the share of a scrip or company which you don't have or which you haven't bought yet but you are selling it to someone . why you short a share because you feel that its price is more and it doesn't justify it you sell it but here comes turning point you have to have cover your shorts  weather its price has gone down or moved up(against your trade) you have to cover it. i f stock price is down you make profit suppose you short a share of 10$ and it price came down to 8$ then you profit in your trade of $2.(you bought at 8$ and settle trade) if goes up suppose 13$ than your loss will be of  3$. but while shorting a share one has to keep a tight strict stop loss so as to minimize the loss. f or e.g if share price start shooting up my stop loss % mu

zydus wellness or cadila health

zydus wellness or cadila health zydus cadila are are two different companies of same group but we are hearing now days corona virus vaccine are in first phase of human trial whose vaccine is produced by this group question arise if this vaccine is successful what will happen to its share price ,its obvious it will increase but both companies are listed in stock exchange as zydus wellness & cadila healthcare question arises which scrip to buy but before buying look as some analysis- zydus wellness or cadila health cadila health - market cap about 38500 cr. promoter holding 74.88%, FII 4.56%, DII 14.81% zydus wellness-market cap 8261 cr ,promoter holding 67.85% FII 2.01%, DII 25.11% NOW ,   question arises which one to buy answer is simple both share price will increase but which one to buy if any unforeseen case (trials ad all) best pic will be zydus wellness as this company manufacture skin care products and their demand is for forever  and its a safe bet rath

Option trading

Option trading Option trading is a tool for stock market,those big players and big fund houses uses option trading as a tool with their trade in future market, hedge funds are the best example who mostly trade in this regards. option trading helps the fund houses, big investor ,mutual funds to safeguard their asset or portfolio. To understand the concept of option trading one has keep in mind this is not made for retail investor or small traders. its a game of big fund houses & big investors, but it attract mostly by the retail traders or small traders here they can hold large quantity of stock by paying small premium but they don't know its side effects mostly innocent traders trade one sides ways and incurred heavy losses. i n my next content i will share my experience how i done option trading but at last i want to tell new trader, small trader please don't play with fire otherwise your hard earn money will melt like wax... TYPES OF OPTIONS 1. CALL OPTIONS  2. PUT OPTION

pledged shares

what is pledged share? As an investor point of view holding shares of a company whose shares are pledged is extremely risky.  the promoter of company pledge their shares with institutions or banks in order to raise loans or borrowings from them and in case of default payment banks or other institutions sell share in open market as to recover loan amount which promoter borrowed from a result of that company shares falls steeply and the others who hold the share of that company has to bear the loss which is again a wealth erosion.       From experience of mine till now company whose promoter pledge their shares .The share price in future deteriorates investor wealth. so, any investor who want to invest in any company must check promoter holding before investing your hard earned money i am not telling to inspect their books of accounts profit or loss statements because hardly any investor has time but some study must be done like keep an eye on what promoter is doing with that co

who is a successful more a trader or investor?

who is a successful  more a trader or  investor? Though it is difficult to tell but at last in my opinion both are sailing at same boat. TRADER- He is the person who trades daily in equity market.trader become addict because he has to trade daily,he can't sit quietly he has to do something in market i have also seen many retired government officer in stock trading room i think they do trading for spending extra time they have, lack technical skill and knowledge many trader looses money and not at last they turn investor because they don't wan't to give loss or book loss they keep share with them and at that time small loss become wealth destructor. Investor- they are the people who do not trade but they buy stock either others help(friends,relative)or hearing some news they invest like this.but their investment fails as stock turn down like a fallen knife. they predict their own assumptions (itna jayega) but truth is like a star  far far away . who is a successf


IS STOCK TRADING  STRESSFUL   Hi,        Is really trading in stock market is stressful .   I am a business man i am going to share you my experience of trading in stock market. there are many people  who in their life time  wishes  to earn money from stock market but most them fails. They  stuck in any point of time & that's the main point when they stuck they feel frustrated and the so called trader become investors,that's frustration indicates that trading in stocks is really stressful . yes at some point of time when trading is fruit full  according to your way or when you gain in  stock its make you happy and you are in  full of motivation but again when you stuck some day it cause depression and stress. IS STOCK TRADING IS STRESSFUL this problem is now days with every one, its my 12 year experience i am sharing with you all if you want to trade in stock market come with brave heart because here anything happen at anytime (flood,disaster,earthquake,political uncertain