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How to become rich in India

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Small town small business ideas

Business ideas for small town peopleEvery one is facing big problems  due to covid 19. Country witness lost of jobs,people  witness unemployment. Many people  who lost job in epidemic are from small towns  & are the worst who suffers from these circumstances  now I have come with few business ideas for small town people which can help them to live their lives  without  sufferings. 
1. Dairy business- As we knew that in small town people keep pets at home like cows and buffaloes,they can took some loan from various banks like gramin banks and increase quantities  of pets and as a result  of which milk production will increase .the excess milk can be given or sold to various  dairy  vendors  like amul,mother dairy, or any other  local vendor  who sell packed milk products, you have to check which vendors  are near by you or you can start selling  fresh butters or desi ghee which are more in demand  in cities  you can visit your near by town and can sell fresh butter and ghee.This sma…

How to make money on stock market?

How to make money on stock market for everyone?Stock market are full of uncertainties lot of people always want to taste the success but fails achieve success. People invest in market on recommendation it may be by friends or relatives. As a result of which when a person earn then its OK all is good but if any loss occur then people blame each other and as result of which relations ship hampers. I will tell some ways how to make money on stock market.Focus on sectorJudgement of stockAnalysis of stockPatience in loss or profitStop lossHappiness in profitStress of tradingDisciplineProfit investmentsFocus on sector- the most important thing when you are going to buy the stock focus the sector which is in trending or the sector or which is helping the markets to go up, keep your eyes like eagle you have to hunt for the sector specific which yield you more profit, consistent tracking the sector specific keep you update and also helps you to select perfect stock. This helps us to fulfillour…

aggression & regression in business

Aggression & Regression in businessAggression for businessWhen i join the business i was full of motivation. Just as i have started my new beginning, i was full of passion,my business is related to textiles and fabrics when i started i was very aggressive, i use to take tough decisions regarding payment terms from client or changing new designs of product. Business was also running in full on mode i think no one can beat me,but this was a beginning my aggression continues like this my nature was becoming day by day harsh with employees and workers because, i want output and accuracy in my work. I have created monopoly of certain products which are in demand so,i use to talk with my client in very moody behavior and shows them that as if i am not fond of them or interested selling product to them, but product demand was high client also praises me so, this was aggression when your all things run smoothly aggression automatically enters your personality.
It,continues for four to five…

Stock at glance for investments #1

  STOCK  ANALYSIS AT GLANCE:for investment purpose BHELthis stock is news now it has received new orders from the energy and resource institute. Bhel has won the bid among lot of competition. now we analyse the impact of it on share price stock analysis bhel:

looking at the graph we can say that the capital goods which is under performing has received some momentum. for past 5 years investors has been deteriorated. Lets now study what its chart suggest for investing.last price when it close was rs 40.65 the share can show momentum when it stars moving above rs 41.95 contentiously. traders have to wait for now its last close price was rs 40.65 .lets consolidate this share, if this share breaks rs 38.50 it can come to rs 36. for safe bet buy above rs 41.95. if this share trade above rs 44 continuously then it can go up to rs 53 in coming future.
IDFC FIRST BANKthis is one of the good stock which every investors should hold this bank provides good rate of interest  to its account holders, …

is stress management is a key to success?

Stress management is a key to successStress management is a key to success most successful people in the world follows it and make their dream come true.
Life is full of stress, as the time is running our expectations are also jogging, we all are running to meet something for e.g- students for good marks,girls for looking good,business man for getting more sales from clients and so on not single person on this earth remains silent someone is doing something to meet something but for that something we brings stress to our life to overcome all these situation stress management is necessary in every people life.Every one in this world does not born with silver spoon,we sees other's success and want the same success,that the person already achieved.Dear friends every one's of our life is different,same as our faces didn't match how can we match our lives. In this world every one has his own identity, own talent. so,why to copy them and run after them.Those people do not follow …

why gold prices are increasing will it explode?

why gold price is increasing?As a normal human being  when we  listen from  every person's  mouth  the same thing  we attracted towards it,now days every person is talking about why gold price is increasing, as a individual when i visit to market,i see many jewelers  are sitting idle some of them are my friends when i ask them why are gold price increasing they say that they have no customers at this price,and they don't knew about the fact,some of them have also stop the manufacturing of their production, many of them reduces their staffs so,as to reduce expenditure, so whats the real logic of this gold movement why it is increasing so much.
Indian middle class family who love to invest in gold are in feeling that they have missed the opportunity when whole county was in lock-down no markets where open no demand was there but why gold price is increasing.
is this a bubble going to burst soon or is this and opportunity which is leaving from our hands. the ultimate reason for this …