Will nifty breach 16000.

 Will nifty breach 16000 According to my analysis what I am observing is that nifty will touch 16325 soon.This very prediction is by my own judgment. The destination when nifty will touch this figure my answer is soon I am not going to disclose the date but soon you all people will witness that nifty is touching that 16325 mark soon So please hold your demat position and mutual fund position tightly. I am not saying start gambling but making people aware about market situation. After this new high remember that market can take correction but my thought says that correction will be there but grab that as an opportunity to invest.correction figure i will reveal later.Till enjoy nifty and sensex making new highs.

invest in reliance power stock

  Is it worth to invest in reliance power stock Yes it worth to invest in reliance power stock. As this company was Incorporated in 1995 but listed in 2008. Timing of ipo was incorrect this led to its downfall and many investor at that time take a hit on their investment. Company's share was in downtrend since last 12 years, due to financial crisis and loss in balance sheet, but the game has now changed enough one can invest in this stock for next 10 year it will proved to be multibagger counter ,company is focusing on its growth and also seems to be very eager to control it's debt burden. In my opinion one should at least buy 100 shares and forget for next 10 years you would observe what you loose a decade before you are earning 1000% in next coming decade. So invest in it without any hesitation. Company is getting stronger day by day they are selling their unwanted and sick unit to accumulate capital which ultimately make company debt free.

Which share is a better long term investment HDFC AMC or Avenue supermarket?

  Which share is a better long term investment HDFC AMC or Avenue supermarket? If someone have chosen these. Two stock I would definitely say invest in avenue supermarket, as from technical prospective I am saying this charts of both I have seen but avenue supermarts seems to be most promising than hdfc amc. Mr dammani who owns avenue supermarts are big player and this type of business runs smoothly if managment is good  but in case of hdfc AMC it is not as promising as Dmarts,as amc business are volatile and nothing is stable. So my friend I suggest you to go with avenue supermart. I am saying this with my personal experience as these AMC business is volatile they change funds, merge fund  according to their own needs for eg. Hdfc prudence fund changed to hdfc balance advantage fund due to this earliest I was receiving .27 paise dividend and now .23 paise dividend as result my cgr decrease I switch this fund to kotak amc providing same dividend plan now I am happy and receiving more p

An Indian person invest Japanese share market

  An Indian person invest Japanese share market Investment can be done in any country. Big institutional funds,hedge funds and many mutual fund industry also invest in foreign markets to diversify their risk and to hedge their portfolios. As a indian retailer point of view one can also purchase share in japanese market but for that better knowledge and skills are required to invest in particular markets. If someone is wishing to invest in Japanese market or some other markets there are many etfs in stock market you can invest in them as these etfs are made to invest in particular market and trading them is also very easy without spending extra time in selection of stocks. Many companies and AMC like Nippon, kotak etc have their etfs listed in stock exchange one can pic any quantity and can directly invest in other markets without hesitation as these etfs are very liquid there are always sufficient buyers and sellers so getting in and out is very convenient.

Yes bank

 Yes bank should you buy it? Answer is off course you should buy yes bank from the steep fall that every one witness it,you have notice that steep fall discounted all negative news,and now this stock is in its consolidation phase since one year,you may check that all its stakeholders have changed and lots of Diis and Fiis have accumulated this stock in their portfolios,        From my experience of trading I can say that worst is over for this stock and again this stock will move up my answers to all retailers is to keep buying this stock as you buy a mutual fund sips you will notice that after two more years you would have earned a decent amount from your investments.  Remember in stock market buy that things which are ignored, in future that stock will give you return but investment should be as such in a sensible manner not pour all your money in lumsum but keep accumulating as an sips.  I have seen many website filled pages with yes bank but no one think what happened to investors 

Want to open share market account of Aditya Birla Money

Want to open share market account of Aditya Birla Money. If stock market is your passion then you could be a good sevice provider too. 1. Firstly I would suggest you to follow certain steps when you have make a point of opening depository firm. 2. See all these thing runs fast depends your own  behavior. Client will be available but it takes time.if your behavior and attitude is good most client will be with you. 3. Service providing to client should be good and on time. If you have chosen to become partner with aditya birla group it's very easy. Go to their site aditya birla capital fill form there and after that their team will contact you. Brokerage business is now more competitive in beginning years you might face little profits but in long term as your client list increase your DP will progress. Always be humble and generous toward client, because a single client is capable of bringing 10 client and multiple after that. So be patience in begin and work honestly with your trade

What would be TMT bars price when share market drops?

What would be TMT bars price when share market drops? Rate of Tmt bars is now between 37000 /MT to 41000/MT. And it's price movement cannot be correlated with stock market price. It's price depend on various factors. 1. Demand and supply in market. 2. It depends on inflation in economy and market. 3. It depends on production ,mining and work forces involved in its manufacturing. 4. Global commodity prices also put effect on it. 5. Crude oil price also effect it's price range. 6. Government policies also effect it's prices. These years are proved to be golden period for various steel production company Also it is believed that steel and iron prices will be stable in coming years as lot of prices movement had already had happened.